Mindfulness teachings around the world in times of crisis

Highlights from global online events on mindfulness teaching:

Balance equanimity between likes and dislikes

Joey Weber, Lecturer, PhD, University of Bolton Faculty of Health and Well-being. Holds a PhD exclusively in equanimity, England

Compassion training for healthcare workers enhances well-being

Regula Saner, Director of the Center for Mindfulness, Basel, Switzerland

Education, research and social action in the service of life

Ana Arrabe, Director of MBSR teachers at the Nirakara Mindfulness Institute, Spain

Livelihood and community are core ingredients in order to serve

Charlotte Borch Jacobsen, MBSR teacher trainer and member of the Mindfulness Association in France, France

Youth need communities to connect and educate the mind-heart-body

Lone Overby Fjorback and researchers from the Danish Center for Mindfulness, Denmark

Scholarships and free online classes serve high demand for stress reduction and establish community

Eric López Maya, Director of the Mexican Mindfulness Institute, Mexico

People need that kind of community and practice cannot be separated from what is going on in the world. Discussion on white privilege

Jon Aaron, MBSR Teacher Trainer, adjunct teacher for the Mindfulness Center at Brown University and a co-founding member of New York Mindfulness Meditation Collaborative, USA

Neuroscience motivates Russians to meditate and seek mindful communities

Snezhana-Sophia Zamalieva, PhD, MBSR teacher and founder of the first Mindfulness Center in Russia, Russia

How to work with anxiety and choose a bigger better offer. More discussions on white privilege

Judson A. Brewer, MD, PhD, Associate Professor, Director of Research and Innovation at the Mindfulness Center, Brown University, USA

Back to the roots. What is mindfulness? and what is the point?

Norman Fischer, poet, writer and Zen priest, USA

Joey Weber

Regula Saner

Ana Arrabe

Charlotte Borch Jacobsen

Lone Overby Fjorback

Eric López Maya

Snezhana-Sophia Zamalieva

Jon Aaron

Judson A. Brewer

Norman Fischer