Our goal

Our researchers carry out studies that contribute to the evidence base of mindfulness-based interventions. We follow a systematic research approach sanctioned by the Medical Research Council (MRC) in relation to development, piloting, effect and implementation evaluation. 

We have access to state-of-the-art research facilities through Aarhus University and the University Hospital, as well as through our international research partners. Our research is funded in part by the Danish Ministry of Research, Innovation and Higher Education as well as the private Danish organization TrygFonden and more.

Danish Center for Mindfulness

  • provide solutions for how to transform mental health by offering evidence-based non-pharmalogical interventions for the prevention and treatment of stress, anxiety and depression
  • translate science from efficacy studies into effective health promotion, prevention and treatment in real-life contexts
  • investigate feasibility, effectiveness and mechanisms of universal, selective and indicated mental health strategies by use of a variety of quantitative and qualitative research designs and methods

Our research areas

We carry out research on

  • mindfulness
  • stress
  • depression
  • compassion