Dealing with stress

Mindfulness resources for challenging times

These are challenging times for most people. And we want to help as much as we can. So we collected these tools and resources to help you. 

Some, you can use on your own - or share with family, friends and colleagues. This is so for the guided meditations, the workbook for doing your own MBSR course, the tests, and the talks (which you find in the left menu). However, if you are interested in practicing mindfulness in a group setting, please see our courses and retreats page here :

Also, please let us know if you have any suggestions for how we could share and help. 

Download free MBSR Workbook

This book called "Mindfulness" by Lone Overby Fjorback, Director of the Danish Center for Mindfulness and a psychiatrist by training, is translated from Danish. 

It is a workbook to help you begin or maybe rediscover your journey with mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR). You can use it step-by-step go through the 8-week course developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn. 

Lone has offered that the workbook can be downloaded in English for free. 


Listen to guided meditations

Here, you can listen to sounds files developed for the MBSR course. The files are part of the home practice for participants. 

These files are recorded by MBSR-teacher Camilla Marcinkowski.

Evaluate your stress and well-being

If you are interested in evaluating your level of stress, we recommend the "perceived stress scale" used world-wide by researchers and clinicians. 

Make sure to seek medical help if you experience serious symptoms of stress and poor mental health. 

You can download the stress test here:  

If you want to measure your well-being, please find the questionnaire developed by the WHO here