Lone Overby Fjorback

Lone Overby Fjorback, Leading clinical consultant and senior scientist, PhD, CFM certified MBSR teacher

I both research and teach MBSR. By engaging in the field of MBSR research, I have found a unique way of combining my background and knowledge in medicine and psychiatry and my meditation and yoga practice through more than 20 years.

I am CFM certified MBSR teacher from Center For Mindfulness, UMASS, and I have had research stay at University of Wisconsin – Madison, USA Laboratory for Affective Neuroscience Waisman Laboratory for Brain Imaging & Behavior Center for investigating Healthy Minds' Lab director, Richard J. Davidson

Currently, I am collaborating with neuroscientist, Karen Johanne Pallesen, on a research project that aims to explore mechanisms of disease in functional disorders as well as treatment effects of MBSR in both patients and healthy populations.


Anne Mette Kvist Vester

Anne Mette Kvist Vester, Centre Administrator and MBSR teacher.



Jacob Piet

Jacob Piet, psychologist, PhD, CFM certified MBSR teacher


Karen Johanne Pallesen

Karen Johanne Pallesen, PhD, biologist, neuroscientist. 


Jesper Dahlgaard

Jesper Dahlgaard, Senior Scientist, PhD, biologist, Master in positive psychology

Jesper has a background in biology with a focus on evolutionary biology, molecular biology and genetics in which he obtained his PhD. He also holds an MA in positive psychology and is currently training as an MBSR-teacher at Danish Center for Mindfulness and CFM, UMASS.

Jesper has completed a research project on gene expression anti-stress effects following mindfulness based therapy. The aim of this project was to explore gene expression profiles following mind-body interventions, focusing on expression changes that can counter or reverse negative health consequences of stress.


Anne Maj van der Velden

Anne Maj van der Velden, psychologist and researcher


Kit Appelt

Kit Appelt, is a psychologist and holds Teacher Certification in MBSR granted by the CFM.

Kit is trained as psychologist and teacher with many years of working experience in building and teaching at educational institutions. Kit has taught MBSR in Denmark since 2006. She trained as MBSR instructor from the Center for Mindfulness, UMASS in the United States. And she has since 2006 continued training at the Center for Mindfulness and participated in the annual scientific conferences in Wocester and Boston .

Kit is teaching and working as process supervisor in the MBSR teacher training progam and participate in the planning, evaluation and optimization of educational processes and program.