About the Center

About the Danish Center for Mindfulness

Danish Center for Mindfulness works to help people live as well as possible, be able to handle life's challenges and contribute to the community.


Research shows that by practicing mindfulness, we are able to improve qualities such as forgiveness, compassion, attention and kindness. 

At the Danish Center for Mindfulness, we study stress and stress reduction in order for society at large to better understand how to improve mental health.

We hope to increase the ambitions of society within health and wellbeing in correlation with the UN's sustainable development goals. We believe that by adopting proven methods for mental health training in education, health, defence, the criminal justice system and work places, we will be able to reach those goals by 2030. 

We offer evidence-based courses in mindfulness and compassion and educate internationally certified teachers. As the only one in Denmark, our mindfulness education is accredited by the Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. It is offered to people interested in working professionally with evidence-based mindfulness programmes. 


The Center was established in 2013 with a grant from TrygFonden. We are an independent part of the Institute of Clinical Studies at Aarhus University and the Interacting Minds Center.