Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT) Teacher Education

In April, 2020, The Danish Center for Mindfulness becomes the first to offer a Teacher Education (TE) in Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT) in Northern Europe. The teacher-training program is for you who wish to work professionally with CCT. You could be a manager, a health-care professional, work in HR, or as a coach. 

The program takes about 8 months to complete and is a combination of online courses, supervision, and retreats. After the program, you can apply for international certification as a CCT-teacher. Before starting,  you need to complete an 8-week CCT-course as a participants. 

The CCT teacher-education program is offered in cooperation with our partners Stanford University and the Compassion Institute. Hence, you will receive an education that follows the highest international standards. 

Backed by research

Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT) is a comprehensive 8-week program that has roots in mindfulness, but has a focus on training compassion for one’s own suffering and the suffering of others.

Developed in 2009 at Stanford University by experts in contemplative studies, psychology, neuroscience, and adult education, the effects of CCT is backed by research. It shows that cultivating compassion builds mental habits that, over time, promote personal well-being, resilience, and meaningful human connections, even in challenging circumstances.

The CCT program trains a variety of skills and techniques for emotional and mental well-being and is designed to promote qualities of compassion and empathy, and to cultivate kindness towards self, others, and difficult people. 

To date, more than 10,000 people worldwide have taken a CCT-course. In addition, compassion is making its way into politics, education, healthcare and business. 

For more about the research in Compassion Training, see here: - CCT - kontaktformular

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