Eight-week course in MBSR

About Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction


Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) is a well-documented and evidence-based course. A growing body of research has showed its effectiveness for reducing symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. Many participants also experience an increased sense of presence, acceptance and quality of life.

In addition to intensive meditation training, the program includes training in body exercises, mainly yoga and relaxation.

The Danish Center for Mindfulness offers MBSR-courses in English as well as Danish. 

The purpose of the course


The main aim of the MBSR course is to learn and integrate skills that make you able to effectively handle stress, in a wide sense, in your life.

The documented effects of this training include: more energy, greater satisfaction, better concentration and memory, less stress and pain.

Daily training

In the course you learn a number of mindfulness exercises that you can train on a daily basis. Those include body scans, yoga and sitting meditations. Here, you train to be silent and aware of what happens in the body. This is simple, yet difficult - which is why it is supportive to train in a group.

In MBSR, you will be introduced to stress physiology, perception and communication. Mostly, though, the program is experience-based, building your practical understanding of how mindfulness can help you deal with stress.

What can you expect?


The MBSR course is taught and trained in a group of 20-30 participants who meet for a weekly session of 2½ hours over eight weeks, plus one full day. In addition, participants will do 45-60 minutes of daily mindfulness training, six days per week. You don't need any previous meditation training to participate. 

To get the benefit of the program, it is important to be able to participate in the entire course. This means that you should be able to attend all sessions and do your homework. If this is not possible for you, it is better to take the course at a later time.

Meditating can be hard work in the sense that you may get confronted with difficult thoughts and feelings. But if you are willing to bring awareness to what is difficult, mindfulness can be a great asset for you every day.

Sound files

Here, you can listen to sounds files developed for the MBSR course. The files are part of the home practice for participants. 

These files are recorded by MBSR-teacher Camilla Marcinkowski.