November 8-13 2018: 'Straight From The Heart' 5-day Silent Retreat led by Saki Santorelli

Straight From The Heart: A 5-Day Retreat for Students and Teachers of Mindfulness and Mindfulness-Based Programs (MBPs).


Instructor:  Saki Santorelli

If we are motivated to relieve suffering and offer mindfulness-based vehicles for increasing wellbeing and human flourishing, we have before us a great challenge: the embodiment of these intentions. This is a lifetime labor, an alchemical process necessitating our willingness to be completely undone and transformed through constant intimacy with suffering and sorrow, joy, beauty, and love.  Such intimacy invites us into what the poet and dervish, Hafiz calls, “The city inside the chest” – the realm of the loving, wise, and brave heart.


Thirty-five years into the adventure of integrating mindfulness and MBSR into mainstream medicine and healthcare, experience makes resoundingly clear to me that the most vital teacher competency is the cultivation of the heart.  Such a living reality will not be found in treatment manuals or protocols.  Such development requires opening the book of the heart and experientially entering this  “city” through a daily schedule of sitting and walking meditation, yoga and movement, poetry and story, group and individual practice meetings, evening talks and structured periods of dialogue and inquiry.


Embedded in silence and infused with the spirit of befriending, we’ll: 1) explore the foundational principles and practices of MBSR and the sources from which emerge, 2) attune to the insight of the heart-broken-open and its transformative power within the MBSR classroom, 3) taste our innate stability, buoyancy and openness when facing difficult times in our own lives and in the lives of those with whom we work, and 4) inhabit the self-revealing nature of the awakened heart as the intoxicating forces of self-centeredness dissolve and the sun of beneficence - reflected in our care and kindness for others and wholehearted commitment to affectionately accompany program participants into the unfolding of their lives - shines forth.



This retreat requires no adherence to a particular faith tradition. It is suitable for those seeking an in-depth immersion in silence and mindfulness that is supported by a community of practice, as well as anyone teaching or aspiring to teach MBSR, other MBP’s and/or mindfulness in a range of institutional and social settings. It fulfills one of the silent retreat requirements for becoming a Certified MBSR Teacher through Oasis Institute.

Practical information:

When: November 8th (6 PM) to 13th (1 PM) 2018

Where: Sostrup, Grenaa, Denmark

Fee for teachings: Dkr. 3.500 (no VAT).

Registration fees include accommodation and vegetarian meals:

Single room shared bath, total cost, VAT included: Dkr. 5.725,-

Double room shared bath, total cost, VAT included: Dkr. 4.975,-

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May 16-23 2019: 7-day Silent Retreat with Melissa Blacker & David Rynick

To be announced November 2018.

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