Cultivating Compassion in Copenhagen

Compassion in Copenhagen

Cultivating Compassion in Copenhagen

Join Us For Our European Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT)® Workshop

The Danish Centre for Mindfulness at Aarhus University invites participants to the first international workshop in compassion cultivation training hosted by the Centre. The workshop takes place in Copenhagen on September 26th.


The Danish Center for Mindfulness (DCM) has established itself as one of the leading center’s of MBSR-education, certification, and research in Europe, cooperating closely with mindfulness/MBSR centers’ worldwide. DCM is the first Center to offer the 8-week CCT course in Denmark and to conduct research on CCT.


The daylong workshop in Copenhagen is open to everyone interested in compassion training. Through meditation and exercises from the CCT-programme, participants will experience some of the effects of cultivating compassion. Cultivating compassion goes beyond feeling more empathy and concern for others. It develops the strength to be with suffering, the courage to take compassionate action, and the resilience to prevent compassion fatigue. These qualities support a wide range of goals, from improving personal relationships to making a positive difference in the world. Compassion cultivation can also support one’s own health, happiness, and well-being.


The workshop is led by Leah Weiss, Ph.D. a founding faculty member of the Compassion Institute (USA) and a lecturer from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and senior CCT instructor Nanja H. Hansen (Denmark) from the Danish Centre for Mindfulness.


Following the workshop, there will be an informational session about the requirements for applying to the CCT teacher-training programme.


When: September 26th, 2018

From: 9-16

Information session: 16:30 – 17:30 (free)

Where: Copenhagen, Denmark – (exact location to be determined)

Cost: 1,250 Danish kroner incl. VAT (135 Euro ex. VAT).

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