Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT)

Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT) is an 8-week programme proven to increase ones ability to tolerate difficult emotions and accept suffering in ourselves and others.

CCT was developed at Stanford University. The Danish Center for Mindfulness is the first to offer training in Denmark.

Read more about compassion at Center for Compassion here.

The teacher is CCT-certified psychologist Nanja Holland Hansen. Beyond teaching, she studies whether CCT-courses reduces mental health problems in relatives of people with mental illness.

Why train compassion?

The purpose of CCT is more than to feel empathy or concern about another human being. Compassion training gives us more courage and strength to be with pain and suffering. With systematic training, you develop more attention to and understanding of your own thoughts, feelings, and actions. You develop tools and skills for engaging in healthier relationships with yourself and others.

Compassion and mindfulness

You can not train compassion without training mindfulness. Both develop your ability to pay attention to the present moment. In compassion, you pay special attention to the suffering and pain you feel in yourself or in others. International and Danish research investigates how compassion training affects healthcare professionals and relatives of people suffering from depression.

Initial studies of the CCT programme have found that systematic compassion training leads to increased mental wellbeing, ability to be present, as well as more self compassion, resilience and social connectedness. In addition, the training reduces symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression.