People at the Center

Lone Overby Fjorback


Lone Overby Fjorback, PhD, MD psychiatrist is an associate professor of medicine and director of the Danish Center for Mindfulness, Department of Clinical Medicine, Aarhus University, Denmark

As a mindfulness teacher, researcher and psychiatrist, she has worked with patients suffering from chronic stress, pain, fatigue, anxiety, PTSD and depression. In collaboration with the Center For Mindfulness, University of Massachusetts Medical School she is engaged in professional education and training programme leading to teacher certification in mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR).

Her research has demonstrated that even patients with chronic stress disorders and low social economic status and resources can benefit from the MBSR programme and reduce healthcare costs. Fjorback is the author of several books and book chapters on intergrating mindfulness into mainstream medicine, society and individuals’ health and wellbeing.


Nanja Holland Hansen

 Nanja Holland Hansen is a licensed psychologist in Denmark and California. She trained at Stanford University as a Compassion Cultivation Training teacher and is a certified through the Center for Compassion Altruism Research and Education (CCARE).

She is a senior CCT teacher with the Compassion Institute. She originally got involved with compassion through her work as a therapist. The search for new and effective ways to work with clients developed into the interest in cultivating compassion for self and others.

Nanja recently moved back to Copenhagen, Denmark, after working at Stanford University as a therapist. She conducts research on the CCT program at the Danish Center for Mindfulness, Aarhus University, Denmark, where she also teaches the CCT course in Copenhagen and Aarhus.

She published a book on compassion in 2017 called Compassion: Lær at rumme svære følelser.   


Kit Appelt

Kit Appelt, is a psychologist and holds Teacher Certification in MBSR granted by the CFM.

Kit is trained as psychologist and teacher with many years of working experience in building and teaching at educational institutions. Kit has taught MBSR in Denmark since 2006. She trained as MBSR instructor from the Center for Mindfulness, UMASS in the United States. And she has since 2006 continued training at the Center for Mindfulness and participated in the annual scientific conferences in Wocester and Boston .

Kit is teaching and working as process supervisor in the MBSR teacher training progam and participate in the planning, evaluation and optimization of educational processes and program.